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Note: Figures marked released but still have the pre-order button on it when purchasing are in-transit and have yet to arrive in our warehouse.

Sculptor, Cooperation, Paintwork: Animester

The Graceful beauty ver. figure is back in 2024 New Year's colors!

The extremely popular Graceful Beauty ver. figure released in March 2023 is now available in a dress with a bright red base color for the 2024 New Year season.
The glimmering golden patterns that decorate the red fabric accentuate its gorgeous features.
The dress has a beautiful silhouette and the decorations and ribbons embellished throughout its design create a cute atmosphere. Enjoy discovering new charming elements from all angles. The lucky rabbit sitting under the desk is also a captivating feature of this figure.
It comes with a pedestal that can be displayed together with the figure of Emilia that released at the same time.
Enjoy this figure packed with charm that depicts a cute Rem smiling in elegant attire.
This is a limited edition item and only 2024 pieces are available worldwide! Make sure to order yours right away!



Pre-painted Complete Figure
Scale: 1/7
Size: Approx. H220mm
Material: Plastic

KDcolle Re:Zero Rem: Graceful beauty 2024 New Year ver. 1/7 Complete Figure

Release Date: Jul-2024
  • Release Month

    Jul 2024

Pre-Owned Ratings:​

A: Item is not sealed and contains all inserts. No damage is visible
B: Item has been opened and minor dirt or damage is visible. 
C: Opened item with conspicuous damage. Some parts may be missing.
J: Main item or main parts are missing, severely damaged, and/or having problem with operation.

A: No damage is visible.
B: Some damage is visible.
C: Clearly damaged, torn labels/pages.
N: No box/packaging is included. (item is loose)

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