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Note: Figures marked released but still have the pre-order button on it when purchasing are in-transit and have yet to arrive in our warehouse.


Sculptor: M.I.C.

The genius tsundere heroine has arrived! From Steins;Gate, the next-generation adventure game developed by 5pb. and Nitroplus, the heroine Kurisu Makise joins the lineup!

By the early age of 18, this tsundere genius had already skipped grades to graduate from college and was working as a neuroscience researcher at Viktor Chondria University. She is brought to life based on the illustration from the exclusive version of the Xbox 360 game package.

Defying gravity, a unique feeling of suspension surrounds this figure as she sits atop of a series of intertwined gears that make up her base, looking out into the distance. Careful attention was paid to ensure that this piece faithfully recreated the whimsical atmosphere of the original series. In addition to her beautiful looks, the sculpt of her casually worn jacket and necktie, boots, and broken cell phone have all been brought to life in painstaking detail.

*This reproduction will have a different SRP than its first release.



Pre-painted Complete Figure
Scale: 1/8
Size: Approx. H235mm (including base)
Material: PVC

Steins;Gate Kurisu Makise 1/8 Complete Figure

Release Date: Jul-2024
  • Release Month

    Jul 2024

Pre-Owned Ratings:​

A: Item is not sealed and contains all inserts. No damage is visible
B: Item has been opened and minor dirt or damage is visible. 
C: Opened item with conspicuous damage. Some parts may be missing.
J: Main item or main parts are missing, severely damaged, and/or having problem with operation.

A: No damage is visible.
B: Some damage is visible.
C: Clearly damaged, torn labels/pages.
N: No box/packaging is included. (item is loose)

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