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About Us

K.A.G.E. also known as Kisa's Anime and Game Emporium is the start of a dream…with hopes and inspiration in mind, we are taking a chance into the unknown with all of you! We grew tired of seeing all these items being sold from various providers that were generic ugly and outright gaudy just to make a cheap return on bootlegs. They didn’t see the same thing we did, when you take a character you love and make an ugly knock off it gets to feeling cheap and not worth keeping. We wanted people to experience the feeling of an authentic piece, something you look at and feel the value and pride in. This is what started our journey....


Not just video games and figures but all items are worth the passion! Not only will we never sell bootlegs but it is our promise to only grow with the community and generate items maybe you’ve never heard of and start a spark of interest in. This means no sports games and no generic old anime no one’s heard of! We want to generate the feeling that the box you buy is packed with love for collectors from collectors. We want to hear from you as much as we can to be able to grow and provide bigger and better for you! It is our vision to one day provide authentic goods to everyone across the world.


We hope you’ll open your hearts to a KAGE delivery and you wont be disappointed!

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