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Note: Figures marked released but still have the pre-order button on it when purchasing are in-transit and have yet to arrive in our warehouse.

Our KAGE Box is the perfect blend of anime and game merch. Our team builds the perfect box for new and veteran anime fans and gamers alike. Our figures and games may not always be new but they have been tested and reviewed to make sure they are of the best quality.


  • Guaranteed 1 figure/1 game (you can select your preference)
  • Includes 4-5 anime/game merchandise for your collection
  • If you select both for your box type, you will receive either a figure or a game along with a blend of anime and game merchandise

$50 KAGE Box

Price Options
One-time purchase
$48.75every month until canceled
    Pre-Owned Ratings:​

    A: Item is not sealed and contains all inserts. No damage is visible
    B: Item has been opened and minor dirt or damage is visible. 
    C: Opened item with conspicuous damage. Some parts may be missing.
    J: Main item or main parts are missing, severely damaged, and/or having problem with operation.

    A: No damage is visible.
    B: Some damage is visible.
    C: Clearly damaged, torn labels/pages.
    N: No box/packaging is included. (item is loose)

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