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Note: Figures marked released but still have the pre-order button on it when purchasing are in-transit and have yet to arrive in our warehouse.

The huge four-legged walker type AT-M6, which first appeared in "Star Wars: The Last Jedi", is the first three-dimensional model in the palm-sized vehicle model series.
Thorough reproduction of the characteristic forefoot and abdominal details! A small but overwhelming presence!

A palm-sized item with a high collection that makes you want to decorate multiple bodies. If you have more than one, you can enjoy the image of a powerful march scene in the play!


The figure is approximately 4.4 cm in height.

Star Wars Vehicle Model 012 At-M6

    Pre-Owned Ratings:​

    A: Item is not sealed and contains all inserts. No damage is visible
    B: Item has been opened and minor dirt or damage is visible. 
    C: Opened item with conspicuous damage. Some parts may be missing.
    J: Main item or main parts are missing, severely damaged, and/or having problem with operation.

    A: No damage is visible.
    B: Some damage is visible.
    C: Clearly damaged, torn labels/pages.
    N: No box/packaging is included. (item is loose)

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